Your Parish Councillors

Stephen Barker (StB)


01565 777687

Register of interests

Simon Batey (SiB)

Vice Chairman

01565 777206

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Paul Harrison (PH)

01606 892151

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Carol Bunn (CBu)

01606 891692

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Chris Wright (CW)

07779 722661

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Andy Dunkley (AD)

01565 777367

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Helen Metcalfe (HM)

07740 862902

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Carol Bailey (CBa)

07738 208045

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Councillor Roles

Cheshire West and Chester Ward Councillors

Norman Wright
Tel: 01606 74788

Lyn Gibbon
Tel: 01606 784599

Phil Marshall
Tel: 07917 171 438

Councillor Roles

The former commitee Antrobus Community Kitchen Garden became a stand alone organistaion from Sep 2018.

Representatives for organisations:
Village Hall (SiB)
Burleymen (CW, CBu)
Playground Officers (CBu, CW, HM)
Police / Homewatch (PH)
Assoc. of Local Councils (StB)
Community Pride (C Ashall, ANO) 
Defibrillator checking (HM)


Working Groups 

Finance (StB, SiB, PH, Clerk)
Media (HM, PH, CBu, Clerk)
Planning (StB, CBa, Clerk, ANO)
Traffic (CBu, PH, villager, ANO)
Land drainage (CW, HM, villager, Clerk)