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Antrobus is situated in north Cheshire, seven miles south of Warrington and five miles north of Northwich. The village centre lies just over a quarter of a mile to the North East of the A559, formerly the old Roman road (King Street) that connected the two towns. It is a large widespread parish with 33 roads and lanes that extend for some 36 miles criss-crossing an area of 4,145 acres of fertile agricultural land.

As with many villages, Antrobus is typified by it’s school, Village Hall, Church, Post Office and Shop. There is also a Methodist Chapel, Friends’ Meeting House and village pub, all close to the village centre.

For many years, Antrobus has had a non-political Parish Council. It has nine elected Councillors and a Clerk, with the members bringing a variety of skills and interests to the role. The main business of the Council is highway matters, planning applications and finance together with a variety of further issues affecting everyday life in the village.

Much like other Cheshire villages, Antrobus has changed over the years. The village has evolved from a community of farming families to become a mixed community, who enjoy living in the countryside. With the national decline in farming, agriculture now supports less than 10% of the population.

Community spirit is the characteristic identified by most parishioners as the best aspect of living in Antrobus. Community participation has a long tradition and seems to grow each year. There is always plenty going on in and around the village, either the running of a regular event or the planning and organising of a new one.

When the Post Office and only shop in the village closed in 2002, the community rallied in support of the appeal to reopen it. Since its inception, the Community Shop has operated seven days a week. It is staffed entirely by volunteers and has gone from strength to strength. Profits are used for the benefit of the community.

In 2006-7 Antrobus won Calor Cheshire Village of the Year and went on to be Northern England winner in both the Older People and Environment categories.

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